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Welcome to Nabu

Nabu is a plugin for Jive Messenger, a server implementation of the Jabber Instant Messaging protocol. It provides server-side logging of chat conversations and related events. The logged data is stored in a semantic graph, using the RDF W3C standard.

Nabu is developed in context of the Epos project. The goals of Nabu are:

Enable clients to search and annotate their archived conversations. E.g. automatic classifiers can be used to classify conversations by topic.

Allow listeners (authorized and controlled by the user) to subscribe to the logged events. In Epos, this is used to identify the context (current tasks, documents, contacts, ...) of a desktop user, to provide optimal support by the desktop environment.

Make it possible to share information with other users. For example, share the log of an online meeting with other team members. Privacy will be ensured by a strict privacy model, requiring all participants of a conversation to agree on making logs public to a third party.

Nabu is still in an early stage of development, so don't expect working code yet. If you're interested in development, read in the Get Nabu section how to access the source.

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