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    1616Related to Nabu, Justin Karneges proposed a [ protocol for server-side message archives] as Jabber protocol enhancement. The proposal suggests a simple protocol and storage format for message archiving. While being simple, it defines its own format and does not use existing standards. In my opinion using existing technology as RDF and SPARQL makes the Nabu approach more powerful without having to reinvent the wheel. Also, Nabu can be more easily integrated with other information sources, and offers additional features as log sharing and adding custom metadata. 
    18 The following chapters discuss Nabu's functionality, concepts and implementation in detail. The Handbook 
     18The [ Haystack project] builds a client for information management  by integrating various information sources in one frontend, using an infrastructure based on RDF. A [ messaging model was developed] to represent conversations from various communication channels, such as e-mail, news groups and instant messaging, in a unified way. 
     20The following chapters discuss Nabu's functionality, concepts and implementation in 
     21 detail. The Handbook 
    1922chapter describes Nabu's features and is targeted towards users. Design and implementation are discussed in the Development chapter. It also explains how to make use of Nabu by integrating it into software. Being an open-source project, this documentation is created and maintained online on the Nabu homepage.