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Installation and Configuration

Install the Nabu plugin

To use Nabu, you need Jive Messenger >= 2.1.3. You can download it on the Jive Messenger download page.

Configure Nabu

To configure Nabu, go to the admin console, and choose Nabu Configuration in the Server tab. Here you can edit the Nabu configuration options. When finished, choose Save Properties. Note: At the moment, changes won't take effect before server restart.

Database Options

The options DB User, DB Password, DB URL, DB Type and DB Class are the database settings used for the underlying RDF store. Nabu passes them directly to Jena. For more detailed information how to setup the database and configure these settings, see the Jena documentation.


Your database user used for Nabu is 'nabuadmin' with password 'foobar'. The DB server is running on localhost:5432 and the database is 'nabustore':

When using PostgreSQL:

DB User: 'nabuadmin'
DB Password: 'foobar'
DB URL: 'jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/nabustore'
DB Type: 'PostgreSQL'
DB Class: 'org.postgresql.Driver'

When using MySQL:

DB User: 'nabuadmin'
DB Password: 'foobar'
DB URL: 'jdbc:mysql://localhost:5432/nabustore'
DB Type: 'MySQL'
DB Class: 'com.mysql.jdbc.Driver'

name of model

The name/identifier of the main model where conversation logs, account information etc. will be stored. You can choose any name here, usually there is no need to change this though, and the default "defaultModel" should do. If you change this, make sure that main model and internal model have different names.

name of internal model

The name of the internal model where Nabu stores internal server settings and privacy policies. As for the main model, you can stick to the default here.

namespace for instances

The RDF namespace Nabu will use for stored messages, accounts etc. If the namespace is e.g. http://foo#, the account alice@… will have a URI like "http://foo#Accounts/". To guarantee globally unique URIs and to avoid collisions, you should use your own domain as prefix. If your server is, you might choose "" as instance namespace.

admin accounts

Add accounts here that should have special admin permissions for Nabu. These accounts have full read access to the Nabu archive, including the internal model. Privacy policies are ignored. Use with care. Examples: "admin@…", "admin@…;bob@…"

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