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First Steps

To use Nabu, a few steps are necessary to setup Nabu and activate logging. By default, logging is disabled completely, so Nabu does not log information "behind the back" of your users. To activate Nabu, every user who wants to use Nabu must take the following steps:

Add the Nabu bot to your roster

To enable logging and to access the Nabu archive, the first thing to do is to add the Nabu Bot to your roster. Add nabubot@… (where yourhost is the jabber server Nabu is installed on) to your roster, like you add every other contact. After mutual authorization the bot should appear online. The Nabu bot is the interface between you and the Nabu archive: You can e.g. control logging, query the archive and manage your privacy settings by sending requests to the Bot (read here for a complete list).

Enable logging

For privacy reasons, message and presence logging is disabled by default. Nabu does not log anything sent by you without being explicitely told to do so. (This does not prevent that other users log messages you receive from them though).

Message logging

If you want Nabu to log your messages, you must enable it by sending a command to the bot:


Nabu should return

252 message logging enabled

You can check whether logging is enabled or not via


To turn logging off again, send


Presence logging

Similar, you can control whether Nabu should log your presence changes (online/offline status, Away, Free for chat etc.).

Enable presence logging using


As you might have guessed, you can turn it off again via


and check the status of presence logging by sending


After activating message logging, all the messages sent by you are logged as RDF (By default, logged messages can only be read by you and the receivers of the messages) To learn about searching the archive and other Nabu features read the following sections.

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