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Get The Source

Use the Source, Luke''

Nabu development is in an early stage and hence no official releases yet exist.

The subversion repository is available at

When using Eclipse, you can use the Eclipse Subversion plugin Subclipse.

Alternatively you can use the svn command line tool and check out the repository via

svn co

Build it

To build Nabu, you need the Java Development Kit 1.5. Install Apache Ant unless you have fun compiling files manually.

After checkout, go to the new nabu/ directory and build Nabu via

$ ant 

If ant was successful, the plugin jar file can be found at target/nabu.jar.

Run it

To run Nabu, you need Jive Messenger >= 2.1.3. You can download it here.


  • Install and setup Jive Messenger (see Jive Messenger documentation for details)
  • copy nabu.jar to jive_messenger-bin/plugins and configure (TODO: add site for config options) it via Jive Messenger's web frontend.
  • To access the Nabu archive, you have to add nabubot@… to your roster. After mutual authorization the bot should appear online. For a quick introduction, read here?. For a complete list of available commands, see the Using the Nabu Bot section.

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